Magical Connections: The Sun

Find your Inner Sunshine

6th August, 12:00pm – 6th August, 2:00pm

Join us this summer for Yoga, breathwork, meditation, and a safe and welcoming sharing circle.
With the sun as our inspiration, expect a fun & energising yoga flow, revitalising breathwork & an empowering meditation.
We’ll explore our solar plexus chakra, often referred to as our “inner sunshine”, the home of our personal power, vitality and confidence. We will work through blockages with mindful movement, directional breathing & guided visualisation to get your inner fire burning.
Closing off with a sharing circle where we can chat & connect with others in a safe, inclusive space.
What else to know/expect…
Absolutely everyone is welcome, If you’re new to yoga that’s great, Kristy will offer variations and encourage you to move in a way that feels good for you (it’s YOUR practice).
No spirituality experience is needed either. Kristy will be happy to answer any questions you have.
You will also have the option of a tarot/oracle card reading.
Herbal tea and refreshments will be provided for the sharing circle.