Postnatal Yoga Online

5-week course with Rachel Allan

12th February, 10:00am


Rachel Allan is hosting this 5-week online course to offer postnatal movement and breathwork to promote ease of motion and soothing of the nervous system for new mothers.

Attention will be paid to strengthening parts of the body that lend themselves to stabilising postpartum, such as the abdominal area, as well as relaxing areas which may feel under strain due to time spent feeding or carrying baby, such as lower back and shoulders.

You will move at your own pace to encourage steady restoration.

This is not strictly a Parent & Baby class, however babies are more than welcome to join session.

Please, do not be concerned when/if you have to attend to baby, this is a relaxed practice, and you can follow the instructions more as guidance as you experiment with moving consciously and intuitively, while including your baby into your practice.

You can join the session from 6-10 weeks post-delivery. Get in touch if you have any questions.

The sessions will be livestreamed on Zoom. You can book online and you will receive via email link and details for online sessions 24h before course starts.

£35 for 5-week block
£8 drop-in available