Prenatal Yoga Online

5-week course with Rachel Allan

28th January, 6:00pm


The aim of prenatal yoga is to offer the mum-to-be an opportunity for calming and refreshing movement. Breathwork is also taught to support expectant mother in a positive and empowered pregnancy experience. These sessions are all about trusting the body and its powerful intuition.

The 5 week block is designed to cover a range of elements from visualisations for relaxation to movement for early labour and birth.

Expect explorative movement and safe adaptations of classic yoga postures and sequences to promote stability as you physically evolve through pregnancy. Soothe the nervous system through the practice of appropriate breathwork and enjoy quiet and peaceful time to connect with baby and support the amazing work your body is doing through restorative + tension releasing movement.

Beginners or experienced yoga practitioners will benefit from this specialised course.

Join anytime from 12 weeks + in your pregnancy.

Classes will be live streamed on Zoom. Book online and you will receive via email the link and details to access course on Zoom 24h before your first session.

Course costs:
£35 for 5 weeks
£8 drop-in available