Mindfulness & Meditation 8-Week Online Course

with Patricia Galavis

1st February, 6:45pm


Zen Mindfulness and Meditation for Health and Wellbeing

This 8-week course, offered in two modules, is based on the fact that the brain has a property of neuroplasticity. Both the brain and the nervous system can change structurally and functionally under the influence of the signals of the environment. Learning and memory are examples of plasticity.

Meditators are able to change some neural paths in the brain through meditation, and this can result in a dramatic change in our outlook on life events. This profound result of sustained practice, known for many centuries to meditation practitioners, has been confirmed by scientific studies in the last two decades.

We are offering the possibility to book the course in two different modules.
Content of the Module A and Module B:

Module A
Over the course we will explore a variety of topics including:

Introduction to Zen Mindfulness & Meditation
Physical Pain
Emotional Stress, Anxiety and Depression
The meditation techniques that we cover includes:
Body Scan
Counting the breath
Mindful movement
Mindful living (part I)

Module B
Over the course we will explore a variety of topics including:

Role Stress and Time Pressure
Taking care of yourself nurturing your wellbeing
Living at an Elevated Function
Changing your life
The meditation techniques that we cover includes:
Following the breath
Walking meditation
Mindful living (part II)
The practice of presence

Although it is based on the Zen tradition, this course is not Buddhist or religious, nor does it require you to believe or follow any tradition in particular. The only requirement is to be open and willing to practice. You don’t need previous meditation experience to follow this course, but in order to gain the full benefits you will need to commit to 30 minutes of practice each day for 8 weeks.

The course includes: handout of each session plus the recording of all meditations.

This course will take place online on Zoom. You will receive link and details for livestream via email a week before the course starting date.

Module A £65
Modules A + B (if booked together) £120


Module A runs from 1st February to 22nd February
Module B runs from 1st March to 22nd March