Men of Hope

New hope for men in the modern world

The donation based yoga event Men of Hope led by Dan Gronan is back, now on a Sunday.

He invites men to join the conversation that seeks solutions to some of the problems contributing towards poor mental health among men. And part of the culture redefining what it means to be a man. Often men find it challenging facing their emotions or asking/accepting support.

Men are often told to ‘man up’ and get on with it, ‘’Boys don’t cry!’’. We believe it’s time that we start learning that it is okay to talk about things. To know there are safe ways to process ‘stuff’ going on our lives, safer than some of the often risky coping mechanisms our culture has offered us such as using alcohol or drugs. It’s time to choose an alternative to this!

Hope Studio Yoga in Glasgow are supporting Brothers In Arms Scotland – a project dedicated to preventing male suicide, stated to be the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK. By providing a monthly donation-based meetup for men to practice Yoga and Meditation, to be in the community and learn skills to support with any challenges they may face in life.

Dan Gronan will lead an accessible Yoga practice (beginners are welcome) combining yogic practices which have helped him through hard times. You will learn about the relationship between your breath and nervous system and begin to build your own tool-kit of techniques to bring your system into balance when you are under pressures/feeling stress.

Practising yoga and mindfulness can help you to cultivate deeper awareness and emotional intelligence – offering time and space to reflect and process what’s going on inside, so that you may begin to recognise choice over impulse.

Why is Dan passionate about this project?

“I started this group because I know what it is like to suffer, feeling unable to communicate or even comprehend my inner world. I have experienced what isolation, desperation and crisis feels like. I became homeless at the age of 16 when my struggles with poor mental health and addiction consumed me, destroying my education, relationships and any hope of a future. I’ve spent years fighting to overcome mental illness and at times have come close to suicide. Finding Yoga was a revelation for me. My practice gave me a new lease of life and a reason for being. I began to understand my pain and found the sense of connection and wholeness I’d been craving. Yoga makes me feel more capable of facing life’s challenges and inspires me to participate in life more fully. It is from this place I choose to share my practice with others. Yoga may just be that difference that saves a life. I look forward to meeting you on the Yoga mat!”

Advanced free booking is essential, as space is limited to 10 people only.