Breathe into Autumn – Mindful Yoga

with Camila Putti

Friday 27th September | 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm | £25

Energetically, autumn is time to turn inwards and gather energy for the stillness of the following season of winter. It is a great time to refine our practice and redirect the focus to other limbs of yoga, such as pranayama. The breath can be an indicator of how we feel physically and mentally, so by changing our breathing patterns, we can influence our physical and mental state and achieve a deep state of relaxation.

Emotionally, autumn is also an appropriate time for re-evaluation and letting go. After the abundant energy of summer, a time of reflection is needed, so we can let go and move forward. Physically, we can benefit of a mindful asana practice, where we coordinate breath and movement and the breath leads the moment.

This sums up what Breathe into Autumn – Mindful Yoga workshop will be all about, an evening of slow mindful movement, pranayama and deep relaxation, followed by socialising with like-minded people while enjoying a cup of tea and “healthy-sh” treats.

To guarantee a comfortable, relaxing and peaceful environment, we are limiting this event to 8 spaces only. So please book online in advance to avoid disappointment.

Allow extra time for post-class tea, healthy-sh bakes and treats