Yin Yoga & Mindfulness

Autumn Season with Rose Skeoch

Friday 29th November | 6:30pm – 8pm | £15

This Autumn-inspired evening of Yin Yoga offers space for you to relax and centre the body and mind, attuned to the energy of the season.

With Autumn, we see Earth’s energy slows down and turns inward in preparation for Winter. So too can we take time to reflect on what matters and what we can let go.

We will find stillness in reclined and seated postures, fostering a sense of groundedness and inner calm. The Yin practice develops stillness in long-held poses, allowing for the release of body and mind stresses.

The evening will end with a relaxing, seasonally-inspired Yoga Nidra, followed by tea and seasonal treats.

Advanced booking required. All levels welcome.