Intro to Ashtanga

In this class, the fundamentals of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga are explored. The same sequence is repeated each time with specific instructions (relevant modifications can be given). Sometimes breaking things down to emphasise one part, otherwise flowing together in a rhythmical ”dance-like’’ meditation. Class is suitable for new students with little or no experience of the Ashtanga practice. Some prior experience in yoga would be beneficial but not compulsory as a decent level of fitness/ body awareness will suffice. The pace of practice will reflect the ability of students attending & support will be given to absolute beginners.

Ashtanga Basics

In this class, a closer look at the basic sequence of the Ashtanga practice is taken, encouraging progressive variations where appropriate. Here you connect more deeply with the subtle techniques of the practice and have the chance to embody what you’ve learned in a more meditative way whilst moving progressively towards a more advanced level of practice. Regular Ashtanga practice will help you to develop strength, flexibility, balance & concentration. Class is suitable for students who have already attended Ashtanga Intro and are ready for more of a challenge. If you are a beginner please attend Ashtanga Intro first.