Claire Fisher

Claire started practicing yoga halfway through her PhD in Psychology at Glasgow University, shortly after fracturing her skull on a boat! Following her concussion, she found yoga to be the best medicine. Not only did yoga bring her peace of mind and relaxation of body, but also stripped away self-doubt and replaced it with an “I can” mentality.

This mindset inspired her to deepen her practice and she traveled to India to do a 200hour Vinyasa teacher training after completing her PhD in 2017. It was the most intense and incredible month away for Claire. She loves the capacity that yoga has for creative expression and she sees each practice as a chance to harmonize mind and body by getting imaginative with movement.

Claire encourages her students to positive self-talk in her classes by using mantras and positive affirmations. One of the greatest lessons she has learnt from yoga is how to be kinder to herself and others.