Elpida Petrovits

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished” ― Lao Tzu

Elpida is on a profound journey to share the transformative power of yoga, aiming to create a nurturing space for self-discovery and growth. Yoga became a guiding force for Elpida during a period of searching for purpose, offering not only navigation through life but also a profound sense of purpose. Passionate about yoga’s impact on both body and mind, she blends mindfulness, breath awareness, and creative sequencing in her teaching style.

Elpida guides practitioners through a unique blend of strength, creativity, and funky transitions. Empowering students to discover their inner strength, she weaves creativity into each class, turning it into a joyful and expressive experience. Under her guidance, every practitioner is invited to join a vibrant community, discovering the joy of movement and self-discovery.

Elpida’s classes go beyond physical practice, aiming to inspire self-love, mindfulness, and inner peace. With a commitment to inclusivity, she encourages students to explore their unique capabilities, designing classes that meet practitioners where they are on their yoga journeys. Central to her philosophy is the creation of a supportive community, fostering warmth and connection.


Join Elpida for Slow Flow and Vinyasa Flow on Thursdays at Hope.