Heather Pascal

“We’re all just walking each other home” ― Ram Dass.

Heather first started practicing Yoga in 2012.  The practice helped her find balance and relieve stress whilst living in London and spinning the many plates of a career as an actress. Having come from a background in Dance, and a deep passion for movement, she fell in love with the physical challenge of Ashtanga and the creative freedom that came with Vinyasa Flow whilst developing a deep interest in the history and philosophy of Yoga.

Heather travelled to Bali to complete her first yoga teacher training in Vinyasa Flow and began teaching at studios throughout Glasgow in 2018 with Hope studio being her very first teaching job! She is now also a certified Yin Yoga teacher.

Heather’s classes are uplifting and playful and cater to all abilities. There are always a range of options throughout, so everyone feels included and comfortable to explore their practice freely. Her mission as a yoga guide is to empower students to trust the intelligence of their own body, offering space for students to deepen their connection to their authentic self and their community through the wisdom of this rich, sacred practice. Yoga for Heather is the continual journey of acceptance, compassion, and truth.

To relax, Heather loves to get out in nature and connect to the seasons; listening to her body helps her find balance. Daily meditation and pranayama are also essential for her. As well as occasional singing along to Cher whilst enjoying a glass of wine in the bath.

Something about Heather you would never guess
When Heather was younger you would find her at a gig, in the mosh pit with a lot of eyeliner, white blonde hair and a blunt fringe she would cut herself with the kitchen scissors.

Heather Favourite snack
Banana and almond butter or honey on toast with a cup of tea

Heather favourite park in Glasgow
Newlands Park. It was her ritual during lockdown to walk in this park. She finds peace in witnessing how everything changes with each season.