Kristy Coven

“Sometimes, I’ve believed as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast.” ― Alice in Wonderland

Kristy got her yoga qualification in 2021, initially just to deepen her knowledge of yoga for her own personal practice but fell in love with teaching and found a passion in sharing yoga.

The most important thing to Kristy is making yoga accessible to everyone, no matter their background or experience levels. She particularly loves supporting women to help them feel empowered, strong and like the best version of themselves. This is something she has always loved doing, having been in the holistic industry offering massage for almost 10 years and has since trained in Usui Reiki, to work with people both physically and energetically.

Kristy initially got into yoga to find a “workout” that she would enjoy, in hopes of changing her body but with regular practice, it was her mindset that changed. Hopping on the mat for daily yoga – following Yoga with Adriene on youtube – became a non-negotiable in her routine.

Her teaching style is all about helping people find what’s right for them. She believes that a good yoga teacher is a great help in guiding one in the right direction, but ultimately wants the person to listen to their own body during class and do what’s best for them. Kristy also uses the power of intention in a lot of her classes, using the tools of yoga as a spell or ritual to move energy in a mindful and magical way.

As Kristy started her yoga journey watching Yoga with Adriene on YouTube, Adriene Mishler (and her dog Benji) will always have a special place in her heart. She continues to pull inspiration from everyone she’s taught by and finds gratitude and something important from every teacher – she has the attitude of student first, teacher second.

To relax Kristy loves nothing more than a long hot bath (bath bomb from lush is an absolute must), long walks with her 2 chihuahuas and watching any 90s/00s chick flick or Friends on repeat for the millionth time.

Something about Kristy you would never guess
Kristy has a small hand-poked “WWBD” tattoo on her wrist that stands for “What Would Buffy Do” as a little encouragement in scary times.

Kristy’s favourite snack
Anything savoury and vegan: crackers, crisps, nuts – she’ll have it all.

Kristy’s favourite Park in Glasgow
Pollok Country Park – for its lovely and peaceful energy.