Megan Convery

“You can, you should and if you are brave enough to start, you will” ― Stephen King

Megan is one of our community yoga teachers. She studied in Glasgow at the Seasonal Yoga Academy, obtaining her 200hr teacher training qualification. Alongside seasonal yoga, Megan has her qualification in Prenatal and Postnatal yoga with Poppy Perinatal Yoga.

Megan was curious about yoga in her early teens and started practising online and via books her family had. It wasn’t until she started a local class when she was twenty that she stablished a daily yoga practise. It helped her to slow down her thoughts and process things clearer which in turn eased her anxiety. Megan considers herself a student as well as a teacher and learns something new almost every day. Megan has no faith of something occurring out of the blue, for her it is the practise that really brings genuine changes and results.

As a teacher Megan likes to keep her classes fluid, embracing the season she is in to mirror her classes with nature and the general feeling within the class. The framework of her yoga class is to release mental, physical, and emotional tension.

She is inspired by teachers online but mainly inspiration comes from books, classes, and podcasts. Megan loves to listen to Yoga Teacher Training Podcast with Jeremy Devens on Spotify.

To relax Megan likes to drive to the country with her son and go for aimless walks.

Something about Megan you would never guess
Megan is introverted even though she has a rather extroverted exterior to her. Give her 3-4 business days to re-energise after a social gathering, even though she loves it too.

Megan favourite snack
Any cake with an almond sponge and layers of jam, basically any Bakewell tart.

Megan favourite Park in Glasgow
Cuningar Loop is Megan’s favourite park, it is for her a little slice of heaven in the middle of the city.