Rose Skeoch

Rose first came to yoga and meditation in her early twenties, attending classes in the local Buddhist Centre. Having cultivated her practice over the years, she chose to complete a 200-hour training over 12 months on her return to Scotland after time spent travelling.

Rose is a dedicated practitioner of Ashtanga yoga, with a devoted practice which has helped to cultivate her discipline and focus. Her teaching incorporates elements of various styles, including dynamic Vinyasa and Seasonal flow, and the quiet stillness of Yin yoga to help balance the daily yang of living.

She loves experimenting with poses creatively, and looks to infuse her teaching with this playfulness. Classes are friendly and uplifting, and always aim to inspire strength and openness in the body, mind and soul.Rose looks to share yoga and meditation with you in an inclusive and supportive way, with no dogma or pretension. Expect to move with awareness, intention and balanced effort.