Skye MacLeod

Sat Nam! My name is Skye, I completed my 200 hour Mindfulness Yoga Teacher Training with Inner Sun Yoga Studio where I learnt a unique blend of Vinyasa with a functional anatomical approach.

At the beginning of my relationship with yoga I kept finding myself at Kundalini yoga classes. At first, Kundalini seemed a bit the strange compared to the usual graceful Asana practice I was used to, but the more I showed up the more I began to love it!

I could feel its impact in my life outside of the studio. I felt myself beginning to cultivate an awareness that didn’t exist before. The world I saw through this new awareness was vastly more beautiful and rich than the world I had been living in. I don’t attribute yoga alone for this discovery; whatever peace we find is a creation entirely of our own, though I believe yoga was instrumental in fine-tuning my inner world to be more harmonious. For this I am ever thankful.

My aspiration as a yoga teacher is to share the wonderful and wacky practice of Kundalini with people in the hopes it enriches their lives as much as it has mine.