Chandra Krama

Saturday 8 April 3.30pm to 5.30pm

Chandra Krama – The Moon Sequence is intended to help awareness of the cycles of the moon and encourage your intuitive faculty within your own Yoga practice. It is not intended to entirely replace your Yoga practice, or any other practice for that matter, rather to enhance and balance your weekly routine.

The Moon Sequence takes pressure off the shoulders and upper body (evidence of the strong Surya elements of the practice like Ashtanga-Vinyasa system) particularly for students who work too much, or too soon on the jump throughs and jump backs. It places more emphasis on the lower body, the hips, and a soft and stable abdomen.

£20 per person
Only 8 mats available – everyone is welcome!

About Robert

Robert is from Lithuania and is the founder of the Thai Medicine School. He currently lives and teaches in Edinburgh, UK. He is an experienced senior Yoga Teacher (500hrs Yoga Aliance certified), Reiki Master (since 2010) as well as Thai Yoga Massage Teacher (2012 Thai Healing Aliance certified) and Orthopaedic Therapist. He has a wide range of therapeutic skills and a deep understanding of Thai Body work. He studied Yoga in the Himalayas and mastered Thai Massage whilst living in Thailand.