Kirtan with Dan & Alan Flores

The Sound of Yoga

Hearing & repeating sacred mantras we learn to free the mind and connect with the natural joy of the heart!

You are warmly invited to a special afternoon of kirtan with Dan & Alan Flores! This is an invitation to a truly unique experience of yourself through a totally different approach to sound & music. In kirtan there is no performance and no audience. Instead, we come together to co-create the sounds as a practice of meditation.

You’re not musical? No problem! Kirtan is definitely not about musical ability, it’s about the intention and the mood that goes into it. Kirtan is so much more about what you feel, not what you sound like! Here is a wonderful opportunity for transformation and growth, a chance to let fear dissolve and to welcome the exhilarating freedom which comes from truly letting go! Allow yourself to use your voice, and allow yourself to feel your own natural state of joy safely in the presence of others.

Invest in yourself