Intro to Mantra Meditation

Friday 20th July | 7pm – 8:30pm | £15

In this special evening, Dan Gronan will guide you through various different methods of Mantra Meditation – one of India’s sacred yogic traditions still practiced daily by millions of people around the world!

Hearing & repeating sacred mantras help us to free the mind and connect with the natural joy of the heart! Mantras give the wandering mind a focal point and make it easier to remain in a meditative state.

The regular practice of mantra meditation have many physical and mental benefits. It helps to relieve stress, as the rhythm and sound of the chanting moves energy throughout the body. The movement of energy regulates the chemicals in our brains, reducing stress hormones and releasing endorphins. Feel relaxed, balanced and more connected to yourself and others.

This session is suitable to everyone, beginners or experienced yogis.