Monthly Tantra Yoga extended Class. Every second Saturday of the month

This class is open to everyone of all abilities but is also an oportunity for regular students to have a fuller experience of the system and learn more they can practice at home.

Tantra Yoga from Shri Kali is a Prana balancing system derived from the Trucha Verses of the Rig veda. The system is similar to acupuncture or thai massage. The Tridosha series is balancing Vata Pitta and Kapha, terms you will recognise from Indian Ayervedic medicine. In allopathic terms you can think of it improving physical ergonomics and regulating things like the nervous and endocrine system.

Meditation is an integral part of this system and is not seperated from asana.

This is a non competetive and non achievement focused practice. You learn to form a positive relationship with your body and yourself and yoga. Experience a growing sense of freedom in yourself. Its an opportunity to let go of psychological conditioning through yoga. You are training yourself to apply this relaxed and intelligent state in your life.

Rest and relxation is essential to integrate the benefits of asana. The postures in the main series are quielty punctuated with breaths, savasana and macrassana.

In the monthly classes

  • Quick questions about the system and relevant reading recommendations
  • Walking massage partner yoga (like thai massage)
  • Strengthening/supportive practices
  • Pranayama
  • Bhandas
  • Standing/bones series
  • Tridosha balancing series


£15 in advance
£18 drop in