Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow is a more dynamic Yoga which is a sequence of postures based around variations on the Sun Salutation. Vinyasa Flow focuses on strengthening the core muscles and developing a stronger body mind connection.

The class starts with a short breathing meditation and some Pranayama (breathing exercises).

We then focus on releasing tension from the shoulder, neck, and back areas, with some basic exercises and stretches. Then, using Sun Salutations we warm up the whole body. The Sun Salutation is a sequence of movements coordinated with the breath which creates a fluid flow. Once warmed up, we can hold the Asanas for longer.

Every class ends with Yoga Nidra to relax after the physical work.

Throughout the week there are three levels offered: beginner, intermediate and advanced class.

During the beginner class we focus on the fundamental Asanas as well as proper alignment and breathing. This class is a good introduction to Yoga for absolute beginners as well as experienced Yogis who wish to improve their alignment and to refresh their knowledge.

The all level Vinyasa Flow class is suitable for anyone. If there are beginner and advanced practitioners, the teacher will offer variations and modifications. Beginners have the chance to challenge themselves, whilst more experienced practitioners focus more on perfecting alignment etc.

The intermediate class covers more complex Asanas which require experience, good balance and a strong core. There is always at least one challenging Asana within this session. The level of the class still depends on the people who join and can be adjusted accordingly, as the teacher monitors their capabilities.